Developer Resources Available to Reach Higher Solvers!

Open submissions for the Reach Higher Career App Challenge (RHCAC) has been underway for over a month, and we wanted to highlight some of the resources that the Challenge sponsors have made available to solvers. During open submissions, we invite you to apply for use of these free resources.

You can find a complete list of developer resources here. Please note that all links are provided for informational purposes only:

IBM Bluemix

IBM is offering Challenge solvers the opportunity to extend their 30-day IBM Bluemix trial to 60 days. Bluemix is the latest cloud offering from IBM and enables organizations and developers to quickly and easily create, deploy, and manage applications on the cloud. Bluemix gives developers flexibility, offering three open-source technologies to run the app code: Cloud Foundry, IBM Containers, and Virtual Machines. Visit for quick information and short videos on How to Get Started with Bluemix.

Microsoft BizSpark

Microsoft will provide the first 100 qualified teams with free developer resources to either the BizSpark program for qualified start ups and entrepreneurs or the DreamSpark program for students and academic institutions.

BizSpark is a package of open source friendly Azure cloud hosting credits, Microsoft software, and other tools that support developers in deploying cross-platform mobile apps and scalable web apps. DreamSpark provides students a suite of software design and development tools, including Visual Studio, Xamarin, and SQL Service, that could be applied to working on a mobile app solution for the Challenge.

Sokanu API

Sokanu is a career discovery platform that measures an individual’s compatibility with various careers. The assessment measures 186 traits across 8 categories including personality, needs, culture, interests, and abilities, and matches this data to a modified version of the O*NET career database.

To date, Sokanu has generated over 146,645,730 career recommendations. RHCAC solvers can leverage the Sokanu API to integrate the assessment and career data into their apps.

After you have registered for the Challenge, please email to request these solver resources.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!